October 21, 2010 marked the first annual Celebration of Mind, an event honoring Martin Gardner on the occasion of what would have been his 96th birthday.  There were 66 events held on five continents around the world!

Here in Washington, our event took place at the Mathematical Association of America headquarters near Dupont Circle, and was co-hosted by Ivars Peterson, Dana Richards and myself.  It was a wonderful evening, featuring seven talks that reflected different facets of Martin’s interests and expertise, along with various collections of materials scattered around the room for people to peruse and play with.

We had about 75 people in attendance, including a number of students as well as adults, and the energy and good feelings grew as the evening went along.

The talks covered the topology, magic, puzzling, L. Frank Baum and the Wizard of Oz, skepticism, Sherlock Holmes and geometric sculpture as well as stories about Martin himself.  Check out the MAA youtube channel where all the talks are posted.  The talks are wonderful, well worth viewing!

Also, here is my flickr slide show of the event, and also pictures taken by Laura McHugh at MAA.