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Brain Fitness Bundle


Brain Fitness Bundle
A collection of 3 brain building logic games
Give your brain a healthy workout with ThinkFun’s Brain Fitness games. Each of the three games in this bundle includes a series of brainteaser challenges designed to clear the mind, speed up thinking and improve memory. As a system, these games act as a gym for your brain, exercising your reasoning and problem solving muscles. Play them for just fifteen minutes a day for a sharp and focused mind. They are unquestionably good for you and addictively fun too!
Single player
  • Chocolate Fix
  • Rush Hour
  • Solitaire Chess
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  • Item #Bundle-0102

Regular Price $45.00. (Over 30% off for Bundle.)



  • Strengthens memory
  • Sharpens focus
  • Speeds up thinking
  • Reduces stress
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