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International Partners News

International Partners News Article

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ThinkFun Game Reviews and Press

ThinkFun launched nine new products at this year's International Toy Fair in New York City. This year’s show saw phenomenal turnout from media of all sorts, including traditional print magazines, local tv channels, mom/dad bloggers, and specialists who focus on special needs communities. Our new games were well received and several were selected as "best of Toy Fair" in local and national tv, print and online publications. We're excited to share these exciting reviews with our retailer partners! Keep checking back as more reviews are posted each day!


An incredible email we recently received from a stroke survivor – We are thrilled to hear our game is helping in his recovery and has earned a place in his family’s Earthquake Kit!


Dear ThinkFun, Thank you for inventing the “Fifteen Puzzle” game. As a 5-yr stroke survivor I find this, aided by other physiotherapy, continues to help. It is a game that I enjoy because it is quiet and does not disturb or distract others; and does not require batteries. I had a similar game when I was younger, about 60 years ago. I have been looking for a similar one to my childhood one – lost long ago. Your Fifteen Puzzle is the closest.

ThinkFun games help rehabilitate patients with traumatic brain injuries

In this fascinating report from NBC Chief Science and Health Correspondent Robert Bazell, getting patients to a “new normal” after a traumatic brain injury requires a lot of work, perseverance and learning how to problem solve again. 

*Note the use of ThinkFun’s Rush Hour at 00:38! to help patients re-learn these skills!


Russian Car Show



Our Russian distributor Mart Toys Ltd., is always looking for creative ways to promote ThinkFun games.  In July 2010, they took the ThinkFun brand to Russia’s largest annual car and bike show, Autoexotica.  In its 14th year, this show features over 8,000 vehicles and attracts car enthusiasts from all over Russia.

Mart teamed up with car magazine Ignitone to promote the Rush Hour game and create some ‘hands-on’ experiences with the attendees by developing competitions and offering prizes throughout the 4 day event.

Zingo in Hungary

Our distributor Kensho Ltd has focused it’s marketing approach on Zingo in Hungary.  They created this custom version of Zingo and developed a beautiful tv commercial to launch our top-selling Junior game in their market and product awareness (and sales!) has been steadily growing…


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Social Networking

Many of our distributors are using low-cost ‘new media’ branding to promote the ThinkFun games by using Facebook, Twitter, web sites, blogs and creative emailing to generate excitement and supply content for like-minded groups interested in fun, educational games for their families.

Displays & Demos


Cega Group is one of our newest distributors and they have been working hard to establish the ThinkFun brand in Peru.  One of their major efforts has been creating ‘ThinkFun Centers’ in most of the major retailers in and around Lima by placing several of our new 2-sided floor displays and creating signage, flyers and other in-store merchandising materials. 


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