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Binary Arts Revisits Classics for 2003

February 10, 2003 - (Alexandria, VA) - Binary Arts has redesigned three popular games, Stormy Seas and Hoppers. "We've revisited some of our classics, with a completely new way to play our popular Hoppers solitaire game," said Bill Ritchie, President and CEO of Binary Arts. "These are games our customers return to time and time again, and now they have even more play value."

Stormy Seas, "Rush Hour on the High Seas," has been redone with a new look and package. The new version of Hoppers, the classic take on peg solitaire, contains forty all-new challenges. The company has also created a second package for its blockbuster selling Card Shuffler. Customers can now buy the Card Shuffler in the original classic gift box, or the new retro-styled box.

Red Hot Hop 'Til You Drop

Only Binary Arts could transform the classic peg-solitaire jumping game, "The Great Thirteen," into such a rich, multi-level playing experience! With a lily-pad playing surface, 12 adorable Happy Hopper frogs, and 40 original puzzle challenges, Hoppers is entertaining for all ages. With the new, "red-hot" version comes a new twist--no matter how you get the other frogs off the board, the red frog has to be the last one standing. Ages 8 to Adult.

Stormy Seas
Rush Hour on the High Seas

The waves are rising and you're far out at sea in a small red boat. Your challenge--find an open channel to home port before the crew declares a mutiny! Stormy Seas is endless enjoyment for swabbies and seasoned skippers alike. Players arrange their boats on color-coded wave bars to match a challenge card, then try to reach safe harbor. An exceptionally rich playing experience with 40 challenges and a movable, two-sided playing surface. Newly repackaged for 2003! Ages 8 to Adult.

Manual Card Shuffler

Chances are your parents owned the original 1950s Nester Johnson version of this little beauty for their bridge or canasta parties. Whatever the game, this classic card shuffler is just the thing to make it special today. It features the same high-quality steel construction, baked enamel finish and hardwood handles as the original. Place anywhere from one to three poker or bridge card decks in the wings and turn the handle to produce a mixing far superior to hand shuffling. The card shuffler's good looks and attractive gift box make it a must for any card game enthusiast or gadget lover! Ages 8 to Adult.

About Binary Arts
Binary Arts is the leading manufacturer of mind challenging games. By transforming the ideas of mathematicians, puzzle masters, and game theorists into engaging products, Binary Arts has mastered the art of making toys that prove that problem solving is fun. Binary Arts games are made for anyone looking for an engaging challenge. Founded in 1985 by Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello, Binary Arts' products have won over 150 awards and are found in specialty toy and gift stores around the world. More information can be found on the web at Retailers can place orders by calling their Binary Arts Sales Representative or (800) 468-1864.
For more information, contact: Steve Cuomo

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