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Distraction Reviews are Focused on Fun!

After the success of ThinkFun's first card game Swish (nominated Toy of the Year!), we were thrilled to add another fantastic card game to our 2012 product line.  Distraction, designed to exercise working memory, is a multi player game for ages 8 and up.  Brain fitness and keeping memory strong and sharp as we age are hot topics these days, and Distraction is the most fun way to train this crucial area of the brain! 


But don't take our word for it... here are what reviewers are saying:

  • "Child Geeks, prepare your brains for some engaging and challenging memorization! ...Your ability to play stronger will improve the more times you play. You are, in many respects, just like a weightlifter, but instead of strengthening your muscles, you’re strengthening your mind!" - Father Geek blog
  • "Could this game be proof that when you're laughing, you're learning?" - Toys Are Tools blog
  • "The game builds memory skills obviously, and also teaches sequencing. It’s a fun family night game, with no set-up time, and easy to put away" - Just Find It 4 U blog
  • "Distraction is a game that seriously exercises your sequencing and memory recall skills! In our family, the kids ended up being better at this game than the adults!" - My Four Monkeys blog
  • "A fun way to play around with working memory!" - Dr. Karen Hopkins, Professor of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, NYU
  • "You would think 2 overtired parents would not want to play a game where you have to memorize & recite a set of numbers, but we find it fun and relaxing!" - Inspired by Savannah blog
  • “This game is hilarious. My family and I loved it, and I plan to bring Distraction out the next time we host a grown-ups’ night in.” – The Spin Cycle blog

  • "Sweet little game, this. Something you'd play again and again as long as you don't have a headache." - Major Fun
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