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Hello Sunshine wins a Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Hello Sunshine, ThinkFun’s latest toddler game, is honored with a Parents’ Choice Gold Award!

According to Parents' Choice:

"The game is a great way to introduce and teach young children positional words such as next, top, below, and behind, as well as object permanence. "While playing this game," our reviewer said, "I can see my son's little wheels turning in his head as he makes connections. He is just 18-months-old so I still have to guide him quite a bit, but he is catching on fast." Little ones will be excited when they find Sunshine, and they're sure to crack up when it's on top of mommy's head.

Although Hello Sunshine is suggested for ages 18 months and older, we found that even 5-year-olds enjoyed playing, both with and without the cards. Older children played this game with their baby siblings, too. One tester's 5-year-old cannot read yet, but the pictures on the cards served as his cue as to what the cards say. He says out loud what the card reads by using the pictures then figuring out what the words are. In that sense, Hello Sunshine is educational for a wide age range."


Read more from Parents’ Choice about this prestigious recognition!

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