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Leader of Mind Challenging Games Comes to Play in 2005

ALEXANDRIA, VA, February 17th, 2005 - Along with the New Year, comes three brand new products from ThinkFun, the leading creator of mind challenging games. Renowned for their ability to both entertain and educate simultaneously, ThinkFun games provide hours of fun-filled challenges while stimulating the mind. The new products help round out assortments in three important game categories including Multi-Level Challenge Games, Children’s Games (ages 4-8) and Family Games. Subtrax™, an updated version of the classic peg solitaire, is part of the Multi-Level Challenge category, River Crossing, Jr.™, the younger kids version of the best selling River Crossing® is offered in the Children’s segment and Charoodles™, a laughter filled game of charades, but with props used to act out clues, completes the line up of Family Games.

“Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before and they expect more than just yesterday’s fad,” said Bill Ritchie, ThinkFun’s President and CEO. We are proud of our history of continuously developing innovative new products that add value to consumer’s lives, while providing hours of entertainment.”

New product highlights include:

Subtrax, the latest game in ThinkFun’s core offering of Multi-Level Challenge games, adds a whole new twist to the classic favorite peg solitaire. It offers 40 challenges ranging from Beginner-to-Expert levels where gamers have the opportunity to gain confidence in the earlier challenges and use the skills they have learned for the later challenges. Patience, problem solving and puzzling skills are put to the test as players jump over a field of blue pegs, one-by-one, until only the orange peg is left. Increasing the level of difficulty, a new diabolical game pattern, featuring a 16 sided polygon, defines which way a player can jump. Subtrax is guaranteed to keep players entertained for hours and improve sequential thinking skills. Product and packaging design, with clean lines, bold colors and a minimalist style, were influenced today’s popular MP3 music players. Subtrax, a single player game, is for ages 8 to adult and is expected to retail in the $16- 20 price range.

River Crossing Jr. joins the Children’s category of ThinkFun games geared for the younger crowd, typically ages 4-8. It adapts the fun and skill of it’s parent, the award winning River Crossing® game, as players move from plank to plank to cross a treacherous lagoon filled with sea creatures. With 40 age-appropriate challenges, kids have the option of using either a boy or girl hiker, and they’ll find that rescuing a cat that’s stranded on a deserted island or securing a safe passageway across the water to meet up with a friend is a lot trickier than it sounds. Hours of fun and cognitive development await young minds that love a challenge in this all-new Lagoon Adventure where sea turtles, manta rays and octopi dart and dodge under foot. For kids and parents alike, it’s truly a great water adventure without getting wet! River Crossing Jr. is ideal for 6-8 year olds and has a suggested retail price of $15 - $20.

Charoodles becomes a part of ThinkFun’s growing Family Game category where team play and collaboration are keys to success. Could you act out a “helicopter” using a tube? Which props would you use to mimic a “bullfighter?” Charoodles provides families and party-goers with a whole new charades game experience. With over 3,000 charades across 400 categories, teammates must use provided props to act out clues. Each team has 90 seconds to act out 8 charades within one category. First team to out-act, out-guess and out-race their opponents to 32 points wins. For extra variety, there are special Double Pointer cards – tougher, but worth twice as much – and Showdown cards, in which teams compete head to head. Charoodles is a fantastic and fast-paced workout for mind and body, ideal for those who love family and party games. Geared for 4 or more players, ages 10 to adult, the suggested retail price is $25 - $30.

About ThinkFun
ThinkFun, Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is the leading creator of mind challenging games. Since 1985, the company has produced award winning games such as Rush Hour®, River Crossing®, and Aha! Brainteaser Classics™. Kids and adults alike look to ThinkFun to create hands-on, thought-provoking games that provide hours of fun-filled challenges. ThinkFun is committed to high-quality, innovative games that help people of all ages develop thinking skills through play. To learn more, please visit

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