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New Look, New Feel, Same Award Winning Company

ALEXANDRIA, VA, February 17, 2005 – ThinkFun™, Inc., the leading maker of mind challenging games, announced today a set of initiatives designed to improve and enhance brand communications. ThinkFun will create a new logo and packaging treatment in order to unify all packaging under the ThinkFun brand name and will launch a set of thematic merchandising displays that highlight specific product categories in order to provide consumers a more compelling shopping experience.

The packaging re-design is intended to create a consistent communication structure across all ThinkFun packaging, making it easier for consumers to identify ThinkFun products and easier to get important information about the products. The ThinkFun logo will be modified to increase readability by creating an opening to the oval structure and by using the ‘curl device’ to dot the ‘i’ in the brand name. A curved background device has been created and placed in the upper left hand corner of all packaging to provide a consistent location for the brand logo. In addition, an offsetting curve device will now be placed in the lower right hand corner of all packaging and house newly designed age and player nomenclature. The new packaging architecture will be applied on a global basis to all ThinkFun packaging and will be phased in on a rolling basis starting in the second quarter of 2005.

“Consumers have responded very well to the ThinkFun name because it is a clear representation of the innovative products that we produce and because it has created a stronger emotional connection to our brand,” said Kevin Garton, ThinkFun’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The packaging re-design will enable consumers to immediately associate our products with our brand and in the long-term enable us to deepen our relationship with consumers.”

In addition, ThinkFun will introduce a set of new merchandising vehicles that will make it easier for consumers to identify ThinkFun products and categories and improve the in-store experience by creating entertainment while consumers shop. The first merchandising unit will consist of an oversized Rush Hour® game, enabling consumers to play Rush Hour in a larger than life setting. The unit is a self-contained shipper and will contain ample quantities of Rush Hour for consumers to purchase after they play. ThinkFun will also unveil a themed Children’s Game Display that contains Toot & Otto™, What’s Gnu?™ and Zingo®, providing consumers easy access to ThinkFun’s best selling games for children ages 4-8. In addition, ThinkFun will launch a Multi-Level Challenge shipper unit that will contain a mixed assortment of TIPOVER™, Subtrax™ and River Crossing®. Retailers can customize the display based on assortment. All of the merchandising displays will be available in the second quarter of 2005.

“As a result of our leadership in the mind challenging games category, we must be as innovative with our packaging and merchandising as we are with our products,” said ThinkFun Chief Operating Officer Ralph Cuomo. “These initiatives demonstrate our continued investment in the category, our brand and our retail partnerships.”

About ThinkFun
ThinkFun, Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is the leading creator of mind challenging games. Since 1985, the company has produced award winning games such as Rush Hour®, River Crossing®, and Aha! Brainteaser Classics™. Kids and adults alike look to ThinkFun to create hands-on, thought-provoking games that provide hours of fun-filled challenges. ThinkFun is committed to high-quality, innovative games that help people of all ages develop thinking skills through play. To learn more, please visit

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