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New ThinkFun® Products for Spring of 2008

Alexandria, VA, February, 2008 – ThinkFun Inc., a leading creator of mind-challenging games, launches five exciting new products. Top This! ™, Chocolate Fix™, Serpentiles™, Ducks in a Row™ and Rush Hour® Ultimate Collector’s Edition add to ThinkFun’s product line of award winning games. These five new products further establish ThinkFun’s ability to entertain and educate both young and old.

“ThinkFun games make learning fun and are great for everyone,” said Bill Ritchie, CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkFun. “Our new games are about fun and healthy brain play for all ages. Kids learn problem solving through play and adults keep mentally fit as they work through multiple challenges.”

New product highlights:

Top This! ™
Top This! is a game that confounds your ability to visualize and match patterns. Game cards specify different orange and blue puzzle shapes. You must create identical shapes by stacking orange pieces on top of blue pieces, or vice versa. How difficult can it be? This surprisingly tricky game will have you slapping your forehead in happy exasperation. Intermediate and expert levels offer more challenging fun with greater numbers of game pieces. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $14.99

Chocolate Fix™
You’ll be tempted to take a bite out of these life-like candy play pieces in this delightful game of pure deductive reasoning. Similar to Sudoku, players examine all the clues on the cards before making a move. Once they discover where to put a chocolate piece, they combine this knowledge with the clues to learn more information. Some clues give exact or possible locations, while others just give you the token color or shape. Feel your confidence build as you narrow down the possibilities to fill each candy assortment. Challenges ranging from beginner to expert will feed your chocolate cravings for hours. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $16.99

The winding path in this spatial visualization game must begin and end at the same place, creating a continuous path. Using the challenge cards, players select the appropriate tiles, then begin to line them up, green against green and blue against blue. Simple enough, right? Not so fast! This game has some major twists and turns. (Don't worry if you get stuck . . . the solutions are included.) Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $14.99

Ducks in a Row™
This competitive board game is a wacky two-player strategy game for younger kids. They will giggle at the colorful beach board and plucky ducks. After deciding whether they want to be the duck that surfs or the one that water skis, the two opponents face off, and try to be the first to line up four ducks in a row. Players can move up and down, side to side, and diagonally, but they can’t jump themselves or their opponent. Ages 5-7, Two Players. MSRP: $11.99

Rush Hour® Ultimate Collector’s Edition
This coffee table version of the classic award winning Rush Hour® game is packed with 155 challenges spanning 5 levels: Beginner to Grand Master. Rush Hour Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes complete with a raised game board, parking spaces for the cars and trucks, a bill board to hold the challenge being played, a storage drawer for all the challenges and an exit ramp! The sleek, new look keeps players solving challenge after challenge in style. Ages 8+, single player MSRP: $39.99

Keeping with the tradition, ThinkFun has developed new innovative, challenging games that keep kids playing and learning. Top This!™, Chocolate Fix™, Serpentiles™, Ducks in a Row™ and Rush Hour® Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be showcased during The International Toy Fair held on February 17-20, 2008 at the Javits Center in New York City, Booth #2033.

About ThinkFun Inc.
ThinkFun® is the leading creator of mind challenging games. Since 1985, we've produced award-winners such as Rush Hour®, River Crossing, TipOver®, and Zingo!®. Both kids and adults look to ThinkFun® to make hands-on, thought-provoking games that provide hours of fun-filled challenges. We are committed to high- quality, innovative products that help people of all ages exercise their thinking skills and learn through play. To find out more, visit us on the web at

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