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Alexandria, VA, February 1, 2009 – ThinkFun, Inc. introduces exciting new games in its "Multi-Player" and "Brainteaser" categories. As you will see, the new titles align perfectly with ThinkFun's mission to challenge people of all ages to become better thinkers. From a matching game with a twist to a puzzle that has stumped the world's top puzzlers! ThinkFun has something for everyone!

Multi-Player Category

S'MATCH is a classic memory game with a twist! Instead of matching identical objects, players are asked to make matches according to specific attributes such as color, number or category. The S'MATCH Spinner decides the path to a match - adding hands-on excitement to the game! Pictures and words allow pre-readers and early readers to play together and enjoy hours of memory-building fun. Ages: 4+; Players: 2 or more; Approximate Retail Price: $20.00; Available: Summer 2009.


36 Cube Can you solve what has been described as possibly the world's most challenging puzzle? 36 CUBE is a multi-colored puzzle comprised of thirty six towers arranged in the shape of a cube. The goal is to place only one of each colored tower in every row and column to form a perfect level cube. Sound simple? Think again! Ages: 8 to adult; Players: 1; Approximate Retail Price: $24.95; Available: Now

Adams Cube

A beautiful puzzle with architectural roots, Adams Cube combines six games in one. Each side of this translucent cube offers a new challenge, as players attempt to arrange the five puzzle pieces within a polygon frame. Some puzzles are more complex than others - solve one and move on to the next for lasting fun. Plus, the cube's smart design allows game pieces and instruction booklet to be stored inside the cube. Ages: 8 to adult; Players: 1; Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Available: Now


A classic packing puzzle with a modern twist, Boxout has been described by puzzle experts as an elegant packing puzzle. The pieces vary in size, yet all are rectangular - allowing for an overall look of clean lines and simple geometry. Simply pack all pieces to fit level inside the clear box. A unique design allows the box to be closed in two positions; so it can be packed solved or unsolved. Ages: 8 to adult; Players: 1; Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Available: Now

Aha! Brainteasers

A collection of the world's best brainteasers, these pocket sized puzzles pack a huge punch of fun! Try all seven games to experience special A-HA! moments. Remember to use trial and error to solve what seems to be the impossible. Each puzzle is rated Easy through Expert to challenge both the novice and seasoned problem solver alike. Ages: 8 to adult; Players: 1: Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Available: Now

New Aha! Brainteasers include:

    * 4-Piece Pyramid: Players arrange the four puzzle pieces to build a four-sided pyramid. Easy (Level 1)
    * 4-Piece Jigsaw: Separate the four jigsaw puzzle pieces and put the puzzle back together again. Easy (Level 1)
    * Pack It In: This nine-piece packing puzzle challenges puzzlers to take the pieces out of the box, then pack them back flat – so the lid closes easily. Medium (Level 2)
    * Wing It: Based on a nineteenth century puzzle, Wing It challenges puzzlers to remove the metal ring from between the two wings. Medium (Level 2)
    * 4-T Puzzle: Take the four Ts out of the large frame and try to fit them into the smaller frame on the opposite side. Hard (Level 3)
    * The Fifth Chair: Four chair-shaped pieces of varying sizes combine to form one large, single chair that is the same shape. Hard (Level 3)
    * Rectangle: One of the most challenging in the bunch, remove the eight pieces out of the stepped side of the frame and reassemble them in the rectangular frame on the opposite side. Expert (Level 4)

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