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ThinkFun® Kicks Off 2007 with Robust Product Launch

Alexandria, VA, February 8, 2007 - ThinkFun®, Inc., a leading creator of mind-challenging games, is proud to introduce Hot Spot™, Pete's Pike™, Cover your Tracks™ and Treasure Quest™ to its award winning product line of pioneering mind-challenging games. These four new products each contain a unique theme that engages and entertains while helping children build essential thinking skills.

"ThinkFun games make learning fun. Our games engage kids and educate kids in a nurturing, family-focused environment" said Bill Ritchie, CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkFun. "The four new games we are introducing in the Spring of this year all have multiple challenge levels that will draw players into the game to stimulate energy, emotion and education."

New product highlights:

Hot Spot™

In this energetic game of robot motion, the goal is to help the red robot jump to the hot spot on the game board. Working with a team of blue and green robots, the red robot must leap to success, creating the right sequence of moves to reach the hot spot. Hot SpotT™ includes 40 challenges ranging from Beginner to Expert and includes bright, colorful game pieces and fun robot characters. With a self-contained storage compartment for easy travel, kids can't wait to leap to the hot spot again and again. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $16.99

Pete's Pike™

There's no room for error on the edge of an icy mountain top. Pete's Pike™ challenges players to help Pete the Mountain Climber reach the top of the peak as five native mountain goats lead the way. An innovative strategy game that takes kids on a journey through the wilderness, Pete's Pike™ helps kids develop problem solving and teamwork skills. As players hike through 40 Beginner to Expert challenges, they must depend on keen survival skills to keep Pete from being left out in the cold. Complete with a self-contained storage compartment for easy travel, kids can take the fun of Pete's Pike™ along for the ride. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $16.99

Cover your Tracks™

In this high stakes spatial development game, kids must cover their tracks on a journey through mud, sand, snow and cement. First, players select one of 20 challenge cards. Then they must place all four pieces on the game tray to cover their tracks. As the game play gets more challenging, kids will put their thinking skills to the test on a journey across different terrains. Complete with colorful game pieces and a Game-Go bag for easy storage, players will learn to cover their tracks no matter where they travel. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $16.99

Treasure Quest™

The object of this strategy challenge is to find the hidden treasure, then escape with the gold masks safely in hand. Players will dodge dead-ends, cryptic paths and unmovable artifacts to create a successful path through the Aztec Temple. Treasure Quest™ includes a Game-Go bag for easy travel and features 40 Beginner to Expert challenges that will captivate players throughout each stage of the adventure. Kids will put their problem solving skills to the test in this spellbinding race to escape the ancient temple. Ages 8+, Single Player. MSRP: $19.99

ThinkFun is constantly developing ground-breaking games that keep kids playing and learning. Hot Spot™, Treasure Quest™, Pete's Pike™ and Cover your Tracks™ are no exception, adding new energy to ThinkFun's complete line of innovative games. ThinkFun will showcase their new 2007 Spring products along with all of their renowned mind-challenging games during The International Toy Fair held on February 11-14, 2007 at the Javits Center in New York City, Booth #1819.

About ThinkFun Inc.
ThinkFun Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is the leading creator of mind-challenging games. Since 1985, the company has produced award winning games such as Rush Hour®, TIPOVER®, and Zingo!®. ThinkFun games channel the natural joy and energy that children find in play into an innovative, family-focused way of building essential thinking skills. ThinkFun is committed to creating fun, mind-challenging games that kids will want to play again and again. To learn more, please visit

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