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ThinkFun - Best Bet For Travel

June 11, 2003 (Alexandria, VA) - Dr. Toy has released her guide to the Best Vacation Children's Products for 2003, and two new ThinkFun products, River Crossing and WordSense, have made the grade. Dr. Toy's guide includes great, diverse summertime vacation products that meet her high standards for safety, uniqueness, top design, durability, cost-effectiveness and value. These products must offer the child something extra for optimal learning, play, creativity and fun.

River Crossing, "The Perilous Plank Puzzle," is as challenging as they come, and the jungle adventure theme makes it compelling to play. 40 Beginner-to-Expert challenge cards show where to place stumps and planks to start each game, and a magnetic hiker helps to lift the planks. According to Dr. Toy, River Crossing is, "a game that will involve the whole family and will be great fun for everyone to play at any time, but especially while on travel."

In WordSense, players take turns flipping letter tiles and racing to think up words that contain those letters. The first to correctly call out a word keeps the tiles. The player with the most tiles at game end is the winner. Dr. Toy says, "WordSense is a fun game that helps to develop word building skills and increases vocabulary and spelling."

Parents can "surf" Dr. Toy's Guide to obtain information about all of the great products on her list at For the full range of ThinkFun products, visit
For more information, contact: Steve Cuomo

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