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ThinkFun - Everybody Plays This Fall

Alexandria, VA, (September 4, 2003) - ThinkFun, the world's leading manufacturer of mind challenging games, has taken their new name to heart. The new fall products offer challenges that tickle the brain while maximizing the fun. The games range from the affordable set of Aha! Brainteaser Classics and Amaze to the retro fun of Mini Bingo, Jackpot and Spare Time Bowling.

"We strive to offer exciting educational games of the quality our customers have come to expect from us," said Bill Ritchie, President and CEO of ThinkFun. "At the same time, we search through history for great retro games that generations can share and enjoy."

The new products include:

Aha! Brainteaser Classics - A Collection of Brain-Building Classics

ThinkFun has chosen eight of the world's best brainteasers for our first ever set of Aha! Brainteaser Classics. These little gems are world-famous for their perplexing properties, but we've given them a new twist--hints. Each brainteaser comes with a card explaining the brainteaser, and three hint cards. Stuck? Turn over the first hint to get a nudge in the right direction. But take your time--the more you work these puzzles, the more powerful the Aha! Moment will be when you realize the solution. Play with friends and increase the power of the Aha! Ages 8 to adult.

Aha! Brainteaser Classics include:

· Missing T
· Pack It In
· Looptrap
· Wing It
· All Uphill
· The Fifth Chair
· Pyramid Twins
· Double Square

All Aha! Brainteaser Classics are also sold separately in individual packs.

Amaze - 16 Mazes in 1

Amaze is the hand-held maze that changes as you play. Once you set up one of sixteen different maze challenges the fun begins! As you follow the path with the attached stylus, you can clear the way by pushing the red bars to the right or left. But watch out--sometimes the obstacles can't be moved back, creating a dead end or endless loop! Great for travel, rainy days, or just anytime you want a good challenge. So come on--be Amazed! Ages 8 to adult.

Mini Bingo - The Small Game That's Big Fun
Inspired by the original Kalon Radio Corp. Automatic Bingo game, this Mini Bingo set includes a miniature bingo caller measuring just over 2 inches, 12 bingo cards, 150 bingo chips, and a check sheet, all packed into one box. Just press the three levers on the bingo caller to get the call letters. Take the fun of bingo with you anywhere you travel, or have family bingo nights with this handsome retro classic! Ages 6 to adult.

Jackpot - The Classic Game of Chance
This classic game of chance was introduced in 1937. ThinkFun has recreated the original in a handy version small enough to carry anywhere. The game includes the plastic Jackpot device, 100 plastic chips and enough fun to last for hours at a time all enclosed in an elegant gift box. Fun for families, friends and trips! Ages 8 to adult.

Spare Time Bowling - Scores Like Real Bowling
The Spare Time Bowling Game originated in the 1940s as the ideal table-top dice game for any size group. This exciting reproduction of the original comes with a score pad, pencil, ten dice and the bowling pin cup used to roll and store the dice. To play, roll the dice and then score it just like bowling. Dice include strikes, spares and splits as well as pins. Perfect for travel and family game nights! Ages 8 to adult.

About ThinkFun
ThinkFun Inc. is the leading manufacturer of mind challenging games. By transforming the ideas of mathematicians, puzzle masters, and game theorists into engaging products, ThinkFun has mastered the art of making toys that prove that problem solving is fun. ThinkFun games are made for anyone looking for an engaging challenge. Founded in 1985 by Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello as Binary Arts, ThinkFun products have won over 150 awards and are found in specialty toy and gift stores around the world. More information can be found on the web at Retailers can place orders by calling their ThinkFun Sales Representative or 1-800-468-1864.
For more information, contact: Steve Cuomo

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