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Alexandria, VA, February 11, 2010 – ThinkFun Inc., celebrating its 25th anniversary as the leading creator of mind-challenging games, launches nine exciting new products. Zingo!® 1-2-3, Zingo!® To Go, FlipOver!™, Zig-Zag Knot™, a-ha! Brainteaser – Starburst, a-ha! Brainteaser – Straight Arrow, a-ha! Brainteaser – Square Fit, Solitaire Chess and Knot So Fast add to ThinkFun's product line of award winning games.


For Ages 4 and Up

Nurturing the natural curiosity of early learners is central to ThinkFun games for younger players. Inspire them to learn by having fun — and watch them build confidence as they discover new thinking skills.

Zingo!® 1-2-3
Number Bingo
What better way to build a child's reading and counting skills than with Zingo! 1-2-3, the newest game in the award-winning Zingo! family of products. With Zingo! 1-2-3, players must match their numbered tiles with the corresponding display on their challenge board. The first player with a full card wins the game by yelling "Zingo!" Two levels of play focus on image recognition and addition. This fast-paced game will have the whole family yelling "1-2-3 PLAY!" Ages 4 and Up; 2 or more players; MSRP: $19.99.

Zingo!® To Go
Travel Zingo! Bingo
Now you can take the Zingo! zaniness on the go! Everything you love about the original Zingo! now comes in a fun, portable package. Just shake the Zingo! Zoomer car to expose the two dice. Got a match? Turn over the corresponding traffic light on your game board. The first player that turns over a completed traffic light wins! With no loose pieces and a snap-together game board, this Zingo! is designed for family fun on the go! Ages 4 and Up; 2 or more players; MSRP: $14.99.

The Matching Game You'll Flip For!
Race to be the first to get the animals into the barnyard in this unique matching game! Focusing on image completion, players search their cards to complete a barnyard animal, then use the fun Barnyard Flipper to turn over the card and reveal the next image to be matched. Images help children match, while the writing on each card will help early readers make associations between the words and the image. It's barnyard fun for the whole family! Ages 4 and Up; 2 or more players; MSRP: $14.99.


Every brain needs exercise, and ThinkFun brainteasers push players of all ages to unlock the impossible — by stretching their minds to solve challenging problems in new and exciting ways.

Zig-Zag Knot™
The World's Most Diabolical Take-Apart Puzzle
This "cousin" of Gordian's Knot is elegant but cunning. Untangling Zig-Zag Knot is not as easy as it looks! Slide each piece in the correct sequence of 37 moves to take Zig-Zag Knot apart. With every move you make, one or more pieces will move easily — but there's only one right answer. It's up to you to determine which move is the right one! Included solution guide shows complete solution as well as full instructions for putting Zig-Zag Knot back to its original form. Ages 8 to Adult; MSRP: $11.99

a-ha! Brainteasers
A collection of the world's best brainteasers, these games inspire special a-ha! moments for novice and seasoned problem solvers alike. And now for 2010, three new a-ha! puzzles to tantalize the brain. Ages 8 to Adult; MSRP: $7.99

Star Burst
The object is simple...the solution is elusive. Just take the Star Burst apart and put it back together again. Simple. Or is it? Medium, Level 2; MSRP: $7.99

Straight Arrow
Can you "shoot" the arrow out of the front of the tray without removing the 3 planks? You'll need good aim! Hard, Level 3; MSRP: $7.99

You'll need all your brainpower for this one — fit all four cubes into the box so they sit flush with the rim. Try it...we dare you! Expert, Level 4; MSRP: $7.99

Ages 8 to Adult

Solitaire Chess
A sequential logic puzzle based on the rules of Chess.
Players choose a challenge card and set up the chess pieces as indicated. Then move the pieces one by one to capture the other pieces. When only one piece remains on the board, YOU WIN!
While this is not chess proper, playing Solitaire Chess will teach you the basic rules of how to play chess, and will deepen your strategic understanding of chess. 60 Challenges, levels Beginner to Expert, make this a great game for chess players at all ability. In stores September 2011. Ages 8 to Adult; MSRP: $19.99

Knot So Fast
This innovative new game tests who can tie a series of knots the fastest. Be the first player or team to finish tying the knot shown on one of 40 challenge cards, call out "Knot So Fast!", then move the Tug-O-War Rope one notch forward. When the Tug-O-War Rope slides all the way to one side, that player or team wins! While knot tying is a great skill to master at any age, it especially helps spatial development and manual dexterity in younger players. Play solo and practice for the next head-to-head match up! In stores September 2011. Ages 8 to adult; MSRP $19.99

Rush Hour for the iPhone and iTouch

ThinkFun's Rush Hour is now available for Apple's iPhone and iTouch. Rush Hour is the smartest and most challenging traffic jam game for the iPhone and is packed with tons of features.

      Rush Hour's 2500 challenges range from beginner to expert, and like all ThinkFun games, instills confidence in even the most novice of players by providing simple beginner challenges, and tests the most advance players with super-hard expert levels.
      Rush Hours Perfect Score feature measures the number of moves in which players get free from the jams, making Rush Hour by far the most challenging game of its kind on the iPhone. Even exceptional gamers who manage to solve all of the puzzles can't claim mastery of Rush Hour until they have tallied the perfect score on each challenge.
      The unique solve button shows you how to complete your challenge and no matter where you are in your challenge, the solve button will show you how to solve it, and then put you back where you left off so you can learn and complete the challenge yourself.

For more information on the Rush Hour app, go to


About ThinkFun Inc.

ThinkFun Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative, educational games and services. ThinkFun understands the essential link between "Think" and "Fun" and is committed to developing products that ignite the mind, motivate learning and encourage fun play for all ages whether in school or at home. All of ThinkFun's products organically teach problem solving and critical thinking skills...preparing today's kids to be tomorrow's adults.

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