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You’ll Flip Over TIPOVER™

ALEXANDRIA, VA, October 12, 2004 - ThinkFun, famous for its award winning brainteaser Rush Hour®, has added a brand new three-dimensional game to its 40 challenge game collection. The object of TIPOVER is to get the Tipper, a miniature figure poised for helping you through the challenges, from start to finish by tipping crates to create accessible paths. To start, set-up crates of different colors and heights on the game grid to match any one of the 40 Beginner to Expert card challenges. Next, tip over the crates to connect the Tipper to the final destination on the card. There’s a catch, the Tipper can’t jump over empty grid spaces. You, alone, control his fate by tipping over the right crate!

This exciting new game is geared for players Ages 8 to Adult, and is sure to challenge anyone who plays! We know you’ll flip over TIPOVER.

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