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Hoppers Jr.


Hoppers® Jr.
Peg Solitaire Jumping Game
Build Confidence by Leaps and Bounds Hop up, down, left, right, or diagonally over frogs to remove them from the board—all with the goal of leaving the red frog standing alone. 40 different challenges get increasingly difficult, encouraging young players to develop confidence through accomplishment. Storage bag makes travel easy—and keeps pieces from hopping away.
5 - 7
single player
  • 4 Levels of Play, Easy to Super Hard
  • 40 Challenge Cards with Solutions
  • 7 Green Frogs, 1 Red Frog
  • 1 Parents’ Guide
  • Game-Go Bag
Ordering Information: 
  • Item #6702
  • UPC: 0 19275 06702 1
  • Size: 10W X 2.25D X 10H

How To Play

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