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Horrible Knockoffs


Horrible Knockoffs and Copycats:

A lighthearted photo essay of moaning and angry yelling!

Rush Hour Physical and Online Game: Thieves and Copycats



Rush Hour was created by us, it’s our game and everyone in the business knows this. But when you have something as incredible as this, you’re going to get copycats.

We have created these slideshows for your amusement, to see how weird and whacky these things get. But the message I need to leave you with is that you should know that there is a difference. ThinkFun Rush Hour is the real thing, and the other guys are copiers. And I’d like to ask you to support Rush Hour by not supporting the copycats. If you want to play Rush Hour, we’re here… have fun with us. Thanks.

The copycats, or knockoffs as they’re know in the trade, tend to come from the Orient, though not always. There are some designs that copy everything they can, some that keep our major elements while adding their own distortions, and some that are just weird. We write letters, we work with our distributors, we hold these people back. In toy stores around the world, we have been very lucky and pretty much everywhere there is support for Rush Hour, store buyers understand it is better to support the real company rather than the copycats.

What does have us worried is that the copycats have come to the internet in a big way. You can’t believe how aggravating it is for us to see all the copies across the web.

But we understand that this isn’t your problem. And that the answer to it isn’t to complain, but rather to come out with our own games that are better than the copies, so that you will want to support us because we’re the best as well as the original. Try the ThinkFun Rush Hour iPhone App… you’ll see!

For now, though… Rush Hour knockoffs and copycats beware... Rush Hour Joe has entered the building, and he is pissed.

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