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Solitaire Chess News

ThinkFun’s Distraction game awarded TWO prestigious honors by Dr. Toy!

Distraction has been selected as a 2012 winner in Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products and named one of Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games! ...more

ThinkFun’s Award Winning 'Solitaire Chess' Mobile App Now Available for Android

Solitaire Chess Now Available for Android - A Creative Twist Combines Two Classic Games for a Fast Fun Challenge You Can't Put Down...more

Video: Toy Expert Chris Byrne Explains How To Play Solitaire Chess

Chris Byrne, aka "The Toy Guy" introduces Solitaire Chess in a video for Time to Play Magazine...more

Hilarious Solitaire Chess Video!

This Solitaire Chess video by the folks at made us laugh out loud. Look for a guest appearance by Yoda!...more

Video: Bill Ritchie at Dust or Magic, featuring Apple's Chris Bledsoe

ThinkFun CEO Bill Ritchie Introduces Solitaire Chess at the Dust or Magic Conference and gets fantastic advice from Apple's Chris Bledsoe ...more

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