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Meet the Wong Family!

Like most families, we seem to always be on the run from one activity to the next. Our house is filled with constant chatter and movement.  Well, what can you expect in a home with 3 busy kids ages 5, 8, and 10? We do have moments of quiet down time. This is the perfect chance to open up our arsenal of ThinkFun Games instead of turning on the TV or Xbox. Sure, I’m all for relaxing and having fun, but while my kids are enjoying their play time, I am content knowing that the benefits of ThinkFun games reach far beyond just having a good time! 


I believe that learning is not merely about memorizing charts and tables in school.  It is also about creative problem solving – applying and modifying what you know to new and changing situations, looking for solutions from different angles. All ThinkFun games stimulate creative problem solving.  In the process they can also strengthen wonderful characteristics such as patience, flexibility, and self-confidence. These are skills that will not only benefit my children in school today, but they are important life skills that I hope they will embody and carry with them through the years. 


Now back to the fun!  As a Mom (family maid, referee, taxi driver, etc.) I must comment on the other appreciated perks of ThinkFun Games.  I LOVE that each game is housed in its own draw string pouch. Finish the game, pile in the pieces, cinch up the bag, and Voila… Done! These pouches also make games easy to pack and travel. Our games have accompanied us (and saved my sanity) on an 18 hr road trip, camping trips, long airplane rides and even longer hours stranded at the airport.  The games work well played alone, collaboratively with a partner or in team competition form.

Our Family Favorites include: 

Rush Hour Jr.  A super fun and mentally challenging game that promotes strategy development.   It’s addictive to both children and adults alike.   And let’s face it, everyone wants to help rescue the Ice Cream Man! 

Zingo  This is a favorite game for youngsters that involves matching as well as shape and pattern recognition.  Also promotes identification of site words and letters.   Just the sight of the “Stinky Feet” is enough to crack my kids up.   

Square by Square  A great game to build spatial relationships and pattern matching skills.  This is another hit for players of all ages.  Our family likes to play timed rounds in teams- kids vs. the adults.  It’s funny to watch the parents break out in a sweat as the kids “school” us in this game. 

Block by Block  Another great game that promotes spatial awareness in a 3D puzzle format.  This is always popular with children who enjoy building activities.   

River Crossing Jr. and Tip Over  Both excellent games that promote visual and spatial awareness as well as strategic planning. 


Keep up the great work ThinkFun! Our family can’t wait to enjoy and be challenged by what you come up with next. 

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