Movie about Toy Inventions!

A new film called Toyland premiered this week at the Sarasota Film Festival.  I can’t wait to see it and hope that it will reach a theatre near me!  It’s all about the invention side of the toy industry and features great inventors of some really classic games – like Slinky, Operation, Twister, Lite Brite  and more!  It also follows Tim Walsh as he pitches a new idea to major companies.  Many of the people I met at the NY Toy Fair are friends with Tim and I’m sure that I will meet him in person this year (outside of being friends on Facebook that is!).  Here is a description as featured on the Toyland website.

“Welcome to the high stakes world of the 22 billion dollar toy industry. Director Ken Sons introduces you to the inventors behind the biggest toys and games in history while following the ups and downs of game designer, Tim Walsh. From prototype to pitch, follow Walsh along his winding road to New York City’s Toy Fair, one of the largest trade shows for toys in the world. Will his toy light up the imagination of kids everywhere or never see the light of day?  Welcome to Toyland!”

My favourite part of this trailer is Mike Hirtle’s laugh at the end and his quote “I love this business!”.  I met Mike at the NY Toy Fair this year.  I was thrilled to meet Mike as he does for Hasbro what I do for ThinkFun.  He invited me to contact him anytime if I had questions.  I’ve talked with him since and he’s been very helpful as I try to navigate the world of Inventor Relations.  I remember at the close of our first conversation, I asked Mike if he loved his job.  I asked because I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world and I wondered if he loved it just as much.  His response was the same as the video.

Toyland has been very well received at the Sarasota Film Festival.  Tim told us yesterday on Facebook, “All three showings of Toyland were sold out. Last one tomorrow night is Rush Order only, which means you can get tickets at the door if you come early! Come over and play!“  There was an interesting article published Monday about Toyland’s premier called Meet the Minds Behind the Toys

This is an incredible industry and I’m proud to be a part of it!


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