Good times at G4G9!

G4G9 had incredible organized events.  Both at these and at the impromtu happenings, I met and connected with some really incredible people.  It wasn’t always centered around discussions about puzzles, mathematics and magic,  (most of the time, just not ALL of the time) sometimes it was belting out tunes at the piano or hanging out in the lobby.

Tom Rodgers hosts an event during the G4G at his beautiful Japanese-style home.  This is one of my favourite events because you have the chance to meet new people as well as spend time talking with old friends.  Also, Tom’s property is a mathematics sculpture wonderland.  Before we all boarded the buses to Tom’s house, there were talks by the artists responsible for the sculptures.  Organized by THE George Hart, these talks were fascinating as you realize all the thinking that goes into each beautiful sculpture. 

When you get to Tom’s the first thing that happens is that people begin to build some of the new sculptures in teams.

George Hart and Jillian Hinchliffe

Jerry Slocum lending a hand

Fibonacci Tea House Roof

Elijah with a Vi Hart Balloon sculpture


This Gathering I had the opportunity to talk with John Conway quite a bit.  This was fun.  He’s a brilliant man.  Here are some of my favourite shots of him.  He had his son Gareth with him.  Also, Siobhan Roberts accompanied him as she is currently writing his biography.

Gareth and John Conway

Siobhan Roberts and John Conway sitting at Tom's Koi pond

G4G9 participants are so talented!  One of my favourite  memories is from an impromtu singing jam.  Adam Brooks who I met for the first time this year is a very talented musician and singer.  Next thing I knew, we were all gathered around the piano singing any and all songs we could think of.  Myself, Adam, Colin Wright, Chris Morgan, Gary Foshee, Vi Hart, Erik Demaine, Paul Ottaway, Nicholas Cravotta, Jillian Hinchliffe and others were belting out tunes until around 2 am.  So much fun!

Adam, Colin, Me, Nicholas, Matthew, Vi, Chris, Paul

I will have to give Martin (Gardner) my blog address so he can read all about it.  When I visit him I will bring him photos as well as many cards that I collected during the Gathering of peoples best wishes.  I did this also from the last Gathering and he was so touched.  He has treasured the album.  Mainly I want him to know how much he inspires people.  He is ever so humble when he is given accolades however he deserves every one.  We love you Martin!

6 comments to Good times at G4G9!

  • What you didn’t say was that I was supposed to be preparing my talk for the following morning!

    Also, your album was one of the things he brought out to show me when I visited him to deliver the Gift Exchange – he really does like it. I don’t think Martin uses the internet so he won’t read your blog posts, but you could do for him what my wife and I do for some of our non-internet family – print out the blog posts, tidy, annotate, and deliver.

    Fantastic time – thanks for the memories! I hope the event I’m running here in the UK in November is even a tenth as much fun.


  • Oh, and in the photo to the left of Vi is Lucas, not Matthew.

  • These sculptures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Tanya :)

  • Colin
    Ah yes, Lucas. Not sure why I thought Matthew!

    Thanks for telling me that Martin showed you the album I gave him! I’m really touched that he liked it so much.

    Martin is definitely on the internet. We share websites of interest and when I was visiting him in December, he was showing me some things on-line. But he definitely still does not communicate via email as he feels he may be overwhelmed with emails (very true) and he prefers his method – writing or typing letters. Anyone who has received one of those (complete with cross outs and corrections) should cherish them. I mainly speak with him on the phone or at a visit, so I don’t have a letter like that from him.

    Take care

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