NCTM San Diego

Bill, Myself and Charlotte

In April 2010 I was accepted to speak at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference about ThinkFun and our problem solving initiatives.  I was pleased to speak to a full house of 150 teachers.  ThinkFun has a large teacher fan base and their insight about our puzzles is incredible. 

Bill Ritchie, CEO of ThinkFun, Charlotte Fixler, now the Education manager of ThinkFun, Amanda Turner, one of our talented designers, and myself all traveled to CA to be a part of this show.

I came on board with ThinkFun in 2007 as the Director of Education.  This was my first role before I became Inventor Relations last year.  I have traveled to many education conferences touching base with fellow teachers.  ThinkFun is very passionate about using our games to enhance children’s learning.  Bill is the visionary at ThinkFun and this is an initiative very close to his heart.  ThinkFun has connected with some real giants in the Education world.  We are methodically developing a position in Education.

Monica Neagoy, Dale Seymour, Michael Serra and Bill Ritchie

NCTM was a great place to meet with some of the experts in the Mathematics Education field.  Right is a great picture of Monica Neagoy, Dale Seymour, Michael Serra and Bill Ritchie.  Monica Neagoy is a well respected Mathematics Consultant.  I wrote a past post about Dale Seymour when I had met up with him at the Gathering 4 Gardner in Atlanta.  I used Michael Serra‘s books when teaching mathematics and it was a pleasure to meet up with him again at NCTM.  These are all friends of Bill’s in the Education industry and it’s great to have experts like these to help us develop new programs.

Margo and Dale Seymour and I

Dale Seymour is such a giant in the mathematics education world.  It was lovely to see him again at NCTM.  I also met his wife Margo.  Left is a picture of us in their son, Brett Robinson’s booth.  Brett has a publication company called Instructional Images that prints beautiful mathematics posters.  I had lunch with Margo one day and she was telling me all about their house.  It sounds like an architectural marvel!  And with all the mathematical sculptures they have on their property, I’m sure it would be something to see!  Margo invited me to visit sometime; I hope I can take her up on that one day!

Frank Lester and I

I was thrilled to meet Frank Lester in person.  He’s been working with us in Education to develop our positioning on Problem Solving.  Frank is an expert in this field.  “Frank Lester is internationally known for his research on mathematical problem-solving instruction and his work in mathematics learning, teaching, and curriculum.”  Many of the books on Problem Solving I’ve read have Frank listed as a resource.  He’s a great person to work with.

What a great conference this was!  I’d never visited San Diego before and it was a beautiful place to visit.  Connecting with experts in the Mathematics Education field including the classroom teachers was very rewarding!

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