Toyland for Sale!

Now you can purchase the movie Toyland!  I blogged about this movie in a past post.  I met Tim Walsh at an industry conference called ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailers Association).  He’s an inventor and I was thrilled to meet him.  He’s a really nice guy and I enjoyed playing games with him. 

Me and Tim Walsh

Here’s what Tim posted about Toyland:

Director Ken Sons has released his film Toyland on DVD for online orders only. Some great friends like Peggy Brown (Q-Bitz), Richard Gill (Pictionary), and John Spinello (Operation) are profiled. Legends like Betty James (Slinky), Eddy Goldfarb (Kerplunk, Battling Tops), Reyn Guyer (Nerf, Twister), Milt Levine (Ant Farm) are in there too. I am featured and count myself blessed to be among such company. Want to be inspired? Laugh? Check out Toyland!

Toyland is an incredible look from an inventor’s perspective inside the Toy industry!  Find out more about purchasing the DVD at this link!  Tim gave me a copy at ASTRA and I highly recommend it for those of you interested in toy/game invention or the toy/game industry!   A must see!

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