The Coster Family

If you know me well, you know one of the best things (and there are many) that I LOVE about my job is getting to know the Toy and Game Industry people. Heading Inventor Relations, I have the privilege of meeting really cool people all over the world. At Mary Couzin’s ChiTAG event in November, one of my fondest memories is connecting, really connecting, with the Coster family. They invented ThinkFun’s Zingo, but they are probably most known for inventing Guess Who?. The parents of this incredible family (Theo and Ora), now in their 80′s, made their way to Chicago all the way from Israel with their son, Boaz (co-inventor of Elefun), and his wife.

GUESS WHO? GameWhat a pleasure for me to sit at Mary’s kitchen table at a private dinner and get to know them all better. I was fascinated by spunky Ora and I was touched when Theo gave me a DVD of his movie, Classmates of Anne Frank. You see, Theo, was actually a classmate of Anne Frank and he produced a documentary all about it.  The movie was later turned into a book called We All Wore Stars: Memories of Anne Frank from Her Classmates.  I recently watched the movie and was fascinated as it followed Theo to Holland where he met with his old classmates and together they toured places like their old Montessori School they went to with Anne Frank, Anne Frank’s museum and hiding place and a concentration camp.  Each classmate had their own story to tell about how they survived World War II.  They reminisced about Anne Frank and what kind of girl they remembered her to be.  They described her exactly like the precocious girl we learn about when we read The Diary of Anne Frank.

I’m so honored that they gave this movie to me and I’m so thankful to know this family. I will see them all soon in Nuremberg and I’m looking forward to it very much.

Aliza, Ora, Tanya, Boaz and Theo

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