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The Importance of Play in the Homeschool Curriculum

Knutson son

The following guest post is by Angie Knutson, whose My Four Monkeys blog reviews products through her unique lens as both mom and homeschool educator.  Angie believes in the power of learning through play and has integrated games into her teaching!  Check out her post on using What’s GNU to build language skills!  Here she [...]

Learning by Losing… Why Winning is Overrated

No one ever sets out to lose a game, but experiencing defeat in a safe, supportive play setting can actually build critical life skills!  Here are 5 life lessons we can learn by losing, plus tips to help parents and teachers drive them home.  Who knew you could gain so much by losing?!

5 Life [...]

Meet Max

One of the perks of working at ThinkFun is hearing about how our games affect the lives of the children that play them. Just had to share Max’s story, emailed to ThinkFun CEO Andrea Barthello by his mother Aileen… stories like this are what keep us going!

Meet Max, a ThinkFun fan through and through!

Thank [...]

The Serious Work of Play

The following is an excerpt from my guest post for Everything Mom!

The last precious weeks of summer are upon us… time for a final dip in the pool, a last popsicle in the park, and some eleventh hour speed reading of assigned summer books. The excitement of returning to old friends and new teachers has [...]

All learners can shine through play

I am thrilled to share the following guest post by Pia Prenevost!  In her blog The Crack and the Light, Pia shares her journey raising her son Jonathan who struggles with a severe speech/language disorder.

Teaching J-man To Play

Adorable. That defines my son J-man, with big blue eyes and those lashes that cosmetic companies would [...]

Stop Summer Slide!

A steady 10 week summer diet of tv and cannonballs in the pool can do a lot more damage than we realize. Referred to as Summer Slide or Brain Drain, learning loss is inevitable when kids go long stretches without engaging in learning experiences. Most students lose an average of 2 months of math skills, [...]

Summer Boredom Busters | Garage Olympics

Help! My kids are driving me C-R-A-Z-Y this summer!

As a mom of 3 kids: ages 6, 9 and 12 I totally GET how hard it is to keep kids busy, active and far away from the dreaded ‘B’ word! “I’m bored!” can be the hardest statement to hear… ALL SUMMER LONG…

This is my third year [...]

Daddy Needs His iTouch back...

The following review is from a post by Damon Caporaso, dad of 3 and part owner of BSCkids and BSCreview, websites that provide a safe space filled with fun and engaging content for kids!

Rush Hour for the iPhone – iTouch – iPad – Review

I was just introduced to the fact that ThinkFun has a Rush [...]

Celebrate Problem Solvers Everywhere!

As parents and teachers, we have endless opportunities to celebrate our kids’ achievements.  In school, bulletin boards become galleries to showcase budding artists and trophy cases boast athletic and academic victories.  As parents, we cheer our children on at spelling bees, science fairs, on the sidelines at soccer games, and in folding chairs at piano [...]

Learning to Lose

No one likes to lose, but even fewer people like a sore loser!  While we all want our children to experience success, it is equally important to prepare them to handle defeat… and game play provides a safe and natural arena in which to practice this important life skill!

In a friendly game of Zingo!, for [...]