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Greeting and Salutations

Andrea and I back in the day wishing BinaryArts (ThinkFun’s original name) good luck at its launch.

Hello World! This is my debut post on the SmartPlay.com blog, so I figured I’d take a moment to introduce myself, share a little bit about what inspires me, and set some intentions about what you can expect [...]

Why Our Education System Is So Stuck

Thinking Skills: Sigmund Freud Meets Apple Pie

For years I have been ranting about the American education system, how murky and ill prepared it is to consider new ideas. I gave a TEDx talk about this in 2012: one of my slides was a cartoon I had made to describe how profoundly [...]

TED 2011

I’ve just returned from the 2011 TED Conference, every year I expect it to be the most mind blowing week of my life and this conference did not disappoint.

My friends Maria, Christopher and Mary Anne, the Professors of Eastwick

The heart of the conference, of course, are the amazing TED talks.  Standouts for me included [...]

TED 1995

My first TED conference was in 1995, it was so overwhelming that I immediately had to get the experience out of my head and write the story down.  At TED 2011 I found myself describing my essay to several people, and promised that I would post it on my blog.  Here it is… happy reading!

Dear [...]

FIRST Robotics Tournament

This past weekend I volunteered as a judge in the New Jersey Regional FIRST Robotics Tournament.  Sixty one teams competed, coming from as far away as Brazil.  The competition was played in three-team alliances, alliances playing against each other to shoot soccer balls through goals with some significant wrinkles thrown in.  [...]