Announcing… the Design for Change Winning Idea!

Several months ago I shared a wonderful post by Sanjli Gidwaney, Country Coordinator for the first ever Design for Change competition in the United States!

As Sanjli described, Design for Change is a worldwide competition that is forming the largest movement of young people creating change around the world.  The contest gives children one challenge: design, create, and implement a project that directly benefits their school or community and tell us about it.

This year’s competition just came to an end, and I’m thrilled to share the winning project called Kids on the Move by the 5th Grade Class of G Ross Elementary School Lancaster, PA.  Take a look at this fantastic presentation and see how these students plan to tackle obesity and implement positive, healthy change in their community!

ThinkFun is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Design for Change competition, and we will be sending oodles of mind challenging games to the students at G Ross Elementary.  We hope these games will encourage them to stretch their minds, become more creative problem solvers, and continue to innovate and make positive changes in their community and the world!

It’s incredible what emerges when children are empowered and encouraged to take the reins of global change into their own hands!  But don’t take my word for it!  In the clip below, children’s singer, entertainer, and advocate Raffi lends his support to the DFC initiative!

Raffi Design For Change Video Endorsement from Mobius Communications on Vimeo.

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