Greetings from Toy Fair!

What an incredible week this has been!

Just wrapped up day 3 of Toy Fair here in New York and wanted to share some quick high points.  While ThinkFun has been exhibiting at this show for the past 24 years(!), this was my very first experience, and I’ve been completely star-struck to put it mildly… Wow!

Welcome to Toy Fair!

A few highlights:

  • We unveiled our 2010 products!  The incredible reception these games have gotten is amazingly rewarding… buyers are as excited about them as we are!  Lots more to share about these in the near future, so stay tuned!
  • ThinkFun buyers, distributors, and fans from all over the world have come to visit us in the booth… it’s so neat to see how well known and recognized our games are worldwide!
  • I met Ron Dubren, the inventor of Tickle Me Elmo!
  • A fantastic group of ThinkFun supporters from Colvin Run Elementary, including Barbara Ross (the brilliant teacher who created Strategy Labs!) came up from VA for the day to see the booth and explore the exhibit halls!
  • Donny Osmond and his son stopped by the booth to play a game of Rush Hour!
  • A puzzle store owner whose sister solved the 36 Cube (aka the “World’s Most Challenging Puzzle”) 2 weeks after it came out and has been holding it over her head ever since!  She came to ask for a hint to the solution (nice try—but my lips are sealed!)
  • I solved an Expert level Solitaire Chess challenge!  This giant version of our newest single player strategy game has been a huge hit in the booth (and a great way to keep ThinkFun staff entertained when we have down-time!)

I've shrunk! Our enormous Solitaire Chess display was a hit at Toy Fair!

Loads more highlights to share, but wanted to give you a taste of the fun I’ve had.  Looking forward to a great final day!

Update:  See more photos of our Toy Fair Booth!

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