Design for Change Winners Bring Games into the Classroom!

Last month I shared the winning submission in the first US Design for Change Competition, a fantastic contest that challenges students to design and implement projects to improve their communities!

To help celebrate these winning thinkers at Ross Elementary School, ThinkFun donated sets of games to continue to inspire their creative problem solving.  I just received a fabulous update from the school counselor whose students developed the winning entry, and it looks like these bright students have equally curious, playful, and brainy teachers!

Hi Charlotte,

Time has been flying here for us at Ross Elementary and with more than a few days off for ‘snow and ice’ we are endeavoring to keep up with our academic schedules as we prepare for this year’s PSSA testing.  Thank you once again for the wonderful kits of Thinkfun games you sent us for winning the Design for Change contest.  Our students in the DFC group have been enjoying them immensely.

In order for Ross students to benefit most from your wonderful gift, we decided to introduce Thinkfun to our entire staff.  Attached are some pictures.  Yesterday at our monthly faculty meeting, we gave teachers and assistants the opportunity to play the games—-thinking that the best way for them to be creative and use the materials is to be familiar with them.  We set the area up ahead of time, partnering the teachers and sharing with them the particular sets of games that were appropriate for their student’s grade level.  They then spent time playing the games.  It was lots of fun.  The follow up is that they are able to ‘sign them out’ for use.  Classroom aides also will have the chance to use them for indoor recess times.  Thank you again from all of us at Ross for your gift.

We are appreciative of Thinkfun’s support of endeavors like DFC.   It is so encouraging to see young learners excited about education and you help make that happen.

Best Wishes in your continued work with kids,
Anne G. and the Students and Staff at George Ross Elementary School

WOW!  I love that these teachers recognize that for these games to be real, meaningful learning tools, they themselves need to roll up their sleeves and understand how the games support different thinking skills!  We can’t wait to continue to track along with this school and can only imagine the fun and learning that will ensue once these games are shared in the classsroom!

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