Off to Toy Fair!

Last year was my inaugural trip to Toy Fair in New York, and I’m thrilled to head out tomorrow for round 2 as a very mildly seasoned veteran!

I can guarantee I’ll still be floored when I walk in, with a kid-in-a-candy-store “where-do-i begin?!” grin on my face…  but maybe slightly less nerdy this year?  I said maybe.  At least I am well-prepared this time around!

My bags are packed…

I’ve got fuel…

I’m well-accessorized…

And most importantly… comfortable footwear!

If you’ll be attending Toy Fair, please stop by and visit ThinkFun in Booth #2035, I’d love to meet you!

2 thoughts on “Off to Toy Fair!

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    לעכזבתי המשחק שלכם
    “rush time”
    הוא כיום באיכות ירודה .המסגרת הפלסטי לא קשיחה
    ובכלל אין להשוות עם אותו משחק כפי שהייה בעבר
    מקווה שתחזרו לרמת המשחק הקודם


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