Celebrating Math Day the ThinkFun Way!

This month, the mathematicians at McKinley Elementary School in Arlington, VA celebrated their love of math with their annual school-wide Math Day event!

Check out the math-inspired fashion!

The math program at McKinley is supported by incredible teachers and an administration committed to making math fun and meaningful, and we are proud to be part of this local event by providing games for students K-5!

While last year’s event took place in the school’s cafeteria, with all grade levels joining together to play, this year’s Math Day took place in individual classrooms, meaning easier transitions, more focused game play, and less chaos all around.  Students were able to spend more time playing, and teachers were better able to provide support, answer questions, and join in on the fun of game play themselves, a win-win!  It was particularly gratifying to see these players having a blast with ThinkFun’s newest games, including Tilt, Solitaire Chess, and MathDice Jr!

Several members of ThinkFun’s incredible Product Development Team also joined in on the fun and spent the afternoon testing prototypes of brand new game ideas we are exploring for 2012!

Prototype testing in action!

It is incredibly empowering for students to understand the critical role their feedback plays in the development of a game, and luckily these young game lovers were eager to tell us what they thought!  While some suggestions (i.e. a “blood, guts, and boogers” theme) may not make the final cut, the insight we learned from testing with these students was invaluable and much-appreciated!

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