Somebody call a doctor, these kids have… MathDice Fever!

This Saturday marked the 8th Annual ThinkFun MathDice Tournament, and what a fun-filled morning it was!  We were thrilled to welcome teams of 5th graders from 21 Arlington County elementary schools, many of whom showed up at the crack of dawn!  Arriving an hour early to find kids and their families waiting eagerly at the front door was a thrill, and the excitement these players brought was infectious!

MathDice players arrive ready for action!

Players brought costumes, parents carried signs, several volunteer musicians brought their instruments to boost the cheering squad, and another team brought the school mascot to help pump up the crowd!

The "Band of Six-Siders" Team warms up for their musical number!

If you saw video from last year’s event, you’ll recall that in addition to the Individual and Team challenges, the competition for the Spirit Award (and its coveted rubber chicken prize) is stiff.  This year players brought the fun and energy to a new level with math-themed remakes of Cee Lo’s Forget You and I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas…  an impressive showing!

Congratulations to the spirited Taylor Dice Capades team for taking home the gold… or yellow!

And congrats to this year’s winning school, Oakridge Elementary, and to the participants from all 21 schools whose impressive math skills wowed the crowds this weekend!  Enjoy more great photos from this super-fun event!


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