Need a Brain Snack? Try the Solitaire Chess App!

My name is Charlotte, and I am a Solitaire Chess addict.

I never touched a chess board growing up, and as an adult I felt I’d ever have a shot at learning the game. When ThinkFun first developed the Solitaire Chess game last year, I nervously waited to be found out as a non-chess player and was sure the game wouldn’t be for me.  How wrong I was.

Solitaire Chess by ThinkFun

Solitaire Chess by ThinkFun

The beauty of Solitaire Chess is that it teaches even the most chess-phobic newbie the basic movement rules of classic chess, easing you into game play with early challenges that reinforce chess rules.  Since it’s a single-player challenge in which you eliminate pieces with capture moves, you play at your own pace and learn as you go… no pressure.

Solitaire Chess was a nice addition to my life, and I was happy to pick up a challenge or two and play during downtime… then everything changed.  In January, we released the Solitaire Chess app featuring 400 BRAND NEW challenges, and I was hooked.

Solitaire Chess ipad

In March I spent an entire red eye flight home Palm Springs working my way through the 100 “mediums.”  I deplaned victorious (albeit EXTREMELY red-eyed!), and while I’ve not spent another multi-hour stretch of time playing, almost daily I find myself opening the app for a quick brain snack, completing a challenge or 2 at a time.  A quick puzzle is a great way to polish up by brain while standing in line, on the subway, or just giving my eyeballs a break from the computer.  I feel sharper, and the sweet victory music is a nice confidence boost :)

Just last week, ThinkFun released Solitaire Chess for Android – I’m thrilled that having this game on both iOS and Droid opens up the play experience for loads more eager players!

Interestingly, in our outreach to the chess community, we’ve connected with the folks at the US Chess Federation who found the more advanced puzzles incredibly challenging!  Feeling that I could train myself to take on puzzles that top-level chess masters are struggling with is pretty empowering… although I may need another cross-county flight to bust through the Expert level!

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