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Nina's Rush Hour Victory!

This video made my day!  A father teaching in Japan recently shared this fantastic video of his 5 year old daughter Nina working diligently through tough Rush Hour challenges.  Her flushed cheeks and “tired brain” at the end are signs of a real mind workout!

I sent Nina’s dad a message congratulating Nina on her impressive problem solving and was thrilled to hear back right away…

“Wow! What an honor to get a message from you! I discovered Rush Hour 10 years ago, in the U.S. I enjoyed it so much, I bought one to take back to Japan. My Japanese wife loves it, too. After doing all the cards, we put it away and forgot about it until Nina came along. I thought five might be too young, but Nina surprised us!”

Bravo Nina!

It is such a thrill making connections with thinkers all over the world… do you have great photos or video of your favorite game(s) in action?  Please share!

3 comments to Nina’s Rush Hour Victory!

  • Alicia

    This is so awesome! She’s adorable and a very good strategic thinker! :)

  • I have never seen this before! My own 5 yr old sat here with me and is now begging to get the game. Is it available anywhere?

  • Hi Tracey,
    So glad to hear your 5 year old is eager to get his/her hands on this great thinking challenge!
    Rush Hour Jr. is available in stores all over the world! You can buy at any Barnes & Noble, or for a local toy store that carries our games just type your zip code in our store locator: http://www.thinkfun.com/wheretobuy

    Also available via our website, Amazon, and many other online retailers!
    Looking forward to hearing what your family thinks once you’ve got Rush Hour home to play.

    Best, Charlotte

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