Take the Smart Summer Challenge!

So much has been written about the importance of keeping kids engaged through the summer months to prevent learning loss, and this is a fantastic and fun initiative aimed at doing just this!  Three fantastic bloggers (the moms behind teachmama, PinkAndGreenMama, and NaturallyEducational) have teamed up to create the Smart Summer Challenge, a pledge to incorporate at least one fun learning activity into your child’s day during the summer months.

Here’s how it works (From Teach Mama):

The Smart Summer Challenge is simple–it’s a challenge for all parents to pledge to incorporate at least one learning activity into their child’s day over the summer vacation.  That’s it.

The learning activity can be as simple as reading a book or as involved as packing up the crew and taking a hike.  It’s as involved as you want it to be, and our focus is to help parents realize the important role they play in helping their kids avoid the summer learning slump.

And we want to reward everyone who joins us in this Challenge by awarding prizes–super-cool ones–each week.

So we’ve worked hard to prepare a sample calendar of ideas, aimed at children K-3, with adaptations for preschoolers and upper elementary students that can be downloaded and printed and hung on your fridge. Our calendar is merely a list of themed suggestions to get you started–you are the expert on your children and you know what they will find most engaging.

View the calendar:
Smart Summer Challenge Calendar 2011

I encourage you and your family to take the pledge and make this your smartest summer yet!

3 thoughts on “Take the Smart Summer Challenge!

  1. lauradodson

    We’ve been having our “summer work” sessions at our house. The boys ask for it!!! They love to learn, love school PERIOD. Alan’s teacher sent home a few packets to complete over the summer, Jeremiah is learning cursive and practicing his reading, and Daniel is working through You Can Read by 1+1+1=1 author, Carisa. Plus, lots of coloring, creating, swimming going on, lego building happening, too.

  2. Charlotte Post author

    A house fill of boys who love to learn, what a blessing – and clearly not something that happens accidentally! You’ve built an environment that encourages your sons to stretch their creativity and celebrates the joy of discovery and learning, bravo! Enjoy the summer, and keep up the healthy brain play :)

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