Introducing PathWords… and a brush with Crossword Royalty!

ThinkFun PathWords logic puzzle gameWhile I can play Rush Hour and Solitaire Chess until the cows come home, at heart I am a huge word puzzle fan.  I get inappropriately upset when someone has filled out my airplane magazine crossword, and my ongoing Words With Friends duel with a coworker often gets quite heated!

That said, you can imagine how thrilled I was when ThinkFun came out with PathWords!  PathWords is a new single-player logic game, best described as the love child of Pentominoes and a Word Search!  To play, you must place colored polyominoes tiles onto a challenge mat printed with an array of letters.  Each tile must completely cover a word that can be read either forward or backwards.  Once you have solved the puzzle correctly, every tile will fit and every space will be covered.  This is a fantastic marriage of spatial challenge and word puzzle, and I am hooked.

See PathWords in action:

Through the magic of Twitter, I recently connected with Tyler Hinman, the 5-time American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Champion!  You may have seen his win as the youngest champion in tournament history which was chronicled in the 2006 documentary Wordplay.  As fate would have it, the inventor of PathWords (who, *fun fact,* also invented ThinkFun’s 36 Cube puzzle!) is also featured in this film and clearly knows a thing or two about creating a strategic word game!

Tyler Hinman taking on a crossword challenge

I was thrilled to learn Tyler was a ThinkFun fan and had recently discovered our Rush Hour and Solitaire Chess apps, and my inner word nerd did a backflip when he expressed an interest in checking out PathWords to share his expert opinion!  Tyler recently shared his evaluation of PathWords in a post on his That Puzzle Guy blog.  It was such a treat to read his thoughts and hear that he is hungry for more challenges – developing one that could give him a run for his money is a lofty goal!

Any other word game fans out there?  What is your game of choice?!

3 thoughts on “Introducing PathWords… and a brush with Crossword Royalty!

  1. Amanda

    I LOVE word games, and Pathwords is a pretty nice tactile word puzzle treat :)

    Favorite words games? – Every Word on Kindle, Scrabulous on Facebook, and most importantly Countdown….not with Keith Olbermann (though that was an awesome show)….the British TV show….actually the longest running TV quiz show on Channel 4, launching the first day of air, with the legendary Richard Whitely (RIP) and the genius math skills of Carol Vorderman at the helm. The show consists of contestants randomly picking vowels and consonants until 9 have been picked. Then the clock starts and 1 minute later, the person with the longest word wins the round. The Countdown Conundrum at the end is a 9 letter word rearranged. The first to buzz in with the right word wins massive bonus points. In the final round, players randomly select 5 small numbers, then Carol hits a button that generates a random large number…..and voila, we have MathDice on TV! Sometimes the equation seems impossible….but somehow, Carol always finds an answer, and in the allotted one minute usually.

    I love this show soooo much, that I used to have my mum record it for me and send it to me on tape. I watched it every day when I was at school, all the way from Middle school, through to graduating my Masters Degree. Best show ever!!!!! One of the only things I miss living in USA now.

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