Puzzle Yuh Brain Summer Workshop Kicks Off in Jamaica!

We are thrilled to celebrate the start of the 2nd annual Puzzle Yuh Brain summer program in Jamaica!

Puzzle Yuh Brain is a hands-on workshop run by the Jamaican-based Halls of Learning organization.  During this 4-week program,  participants play games and solve puzzles that develop their strengths in logic, deduction, systematic problem solving, reverse engineering, pattern recognition, strategic thinking and visual-spatial intelligence.  Puzzle Yuh Brain combines ThinkFun games with an innovative curriculum designed to teach these concepts in a playful way.

More on Halls of Learning:

Halls of Learning, founded by the incredible Marvin Hall, is a Jamaican-based organization dedicated to empowering the lives of people through education.  Halls of Learning is committed to provide the highest quality educational experiences for young people, equal to, or exceeding international standards.

Halls of Learning believes that every child, regardless of background must be given access to high quality experiences in learning.  Through their innovative programs they aim to inspire, excite and stimulate learners and help them find the avenues to their potential.

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