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A Chocolate Fix for the brain and belly!

While there is much to love about each and every game we make here at ThinkFun, I must admit I do play favorites (literally… I play them again and again and again!), and for quite some time my heart has belonged to Chocolate Fix.  Lately PathWords has crept into a close second (see how to play video and read more about my brush with crossword royalty here!), but Chocolate Fix is still my hands-down pick for a (sugar-free) brain boost.

Choco 1530 hires 300x300 A Chocolate Fix for the brain and belly!One of the most common reactions from both kids and adults when I share this game is, “This is fun – but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually eat them?!”  While the chocoholic in me can’t help but agree, my inner puzzler knows that a few nibbles would mean the end of my favorite game… I’d steer players to a side of M&Ms while they feed their brain playing!

But the appeal of an edible Chocolate Fix is undeniable, and for this reason we recently worked with a chocolatier to craft a few custom “games” as gifts for the game’s manufacturers in China!  The custom Chocolate Fix trays were a huge hit, pretty sweet huh?!

photo 11 224x300 A Chocolate Fix for the brain and belly!

photo 51 224x300 A Chocolate Fix for the brain and belly!

I’m very excited to say we’re super close to the release of a brand-new app for Chocolate Fix, which will feature hundreds of brand new game challenges!  Stay tuned for the latest news on the ThinkFun Facebook page!

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