Games Ignite Minds in the Classroom

Another great note from the ThinkFun mailbag – this one from a school that received a donation from our company and is using games to inspire and motivate!

Dear ThinkFun,

Thank you for donating your educational games to our classrooms!

Our students love your hands on and interactive games… Our teachers do, too!  Since receiving the games and incorporating them into our academic classes, we have seen a spark in student’s motivation to apply their logic, reading, spelling, and teamwork skills.  Working with children in an alternative school placement setting often presents teachers with the challenge of making the classroom a “fun” place to be.  Your games have ignited our student’s interest in learning and have allowed classroom teachers to use the games as a motivational activities.  We often hear students saying, “Once I am finished with my classwork, can I play a game of Rush Hour?”.

As any teacher can attest, seeing students excited about learning and actively engaged in their academics is a successful day in the classroom.  Thank you for generosity!

Caroline Walsh, Special Education Teacher
Granite Academy, Braintree, MA

Resource: Students benefit from teachers who build off their early childhood education degree and think outside the box to bring fun and engaging activities into the classroom.

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