Can Games Make Kids Eat Their Broccoli?!

Sometimes it’s hard to give a quick, concise answer when I try and explain why I do what I do… which is why I’m grateful to little Joey R. at Pelican Elementary, whose letter I opened today.

What do our games actually DO?! I  couldn’t have said it better myself!


Our company is called ThinkFun for a reason – and both words are equally critical in guiding the games we produce.  Sometimes the “thinking” piece comes so naturally that kids aren’t even aware how hard they’re working as they play… think of us as the parent who hides the ground-up broccoli in the hamburger patties, making a yummy treat secretly more nutritious!

If kids are only aware of the FUN, that’s certainly not a bad thing, but this letter stood out because this  student actually recognized all the ways his brain was working as he played Rush Hour – and STILL he reported that this game was his favorite!

Encouraging kids to enjoy stretching their brains and the challenge of a great thinking game is a wonderful thing – So maybe ThinkFun can’t get your kids to eat more broccoli, but brain games are a step in a healthy direction!

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