An Easter Treat for Our Troops

Recently ThinkFun was contacted by Sara Dutton, the founder of Bear Hugs from Mom.  Sara’s own son served two tours of duty in Iraq, and she saw first-hand how uplifting it is for soldiers to receive care packages from home.  Sara founded this non-profit to provide packages and moral support for an entire platoon throughout their deployment.

Easter baskets sent to Afghanistan


With the Easter holiday approaching, Sara asked ThinkFun to help provide a fun gift to include in the Easter baskets she was assembling.  We were thrilled to help with a donation of Fifteen Puzzles, a clever brainteaser that fits in a pocket with no loose pieces!

Sara recently let us know that the baskets went out to the men and women of the 514th Support Maintenance Company at Camp Dehdadi in Afghanistan.  We are honored to have the opportunity to bring a smile to these heroes and to support the wonderful work Bear Hugs from Mom is doing!

Happy Easter to you and yours!


One thought on “An Easter Treat for Our Troops

  1. Sara Dutton

    Thank you for your kind words. Bear Hugs from Mom excepts donations through our website. This will be my 8th platoon. Bear Hugs from Mom supports a platoon for the length of their deployment, which is usually a year. Our first platoon served 15 months and suffered 2 fatalities. Another fatality at the Headquarters level and 7 fatalities at the company level. I think the 15 piece puzzle is the perfect pocket game for the soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers.

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