Breaking news! ThinkFun games replace Lego as students’ activity of choice!

The following post is shared by Karen Fougere, Head of Mathematics at Armbrae Academy in Halifax, Nova Scotia!


“They psychotically love it”, said Armbrae’s Grade Two Teacher, Megan Acheson, when asked about Thinkfun game play sessions. “The students are so excited by Rush Hour that they ask to play it whenever there is free time; it has replaced Lego!”

Tara Burt, a Grade Six teacher, set up five Think Fun stations for the students to explore. They immediately became engaged in the problem-solving activities and enjoyed increasing the level of challenge. One student always asked for Cover-Your-Tracks, because he wanted to reach level 20.

Tara then invited the Grade Four’s, partnering each younger person with a Grade Sixer, who then became the teacher explaining the rules and discussing strategies. “It was wonderful to see how well the students investigated possible solutions together,” said Tara.

The students really love the games; they find them challenging and fun. These games provide success for those students who find written problems more difficult. They are able to visualize and solve it which in turn creates a confidence building experience. Although some of the students get frustrated, others learn to persevere.

Overall the experience for the children (and teachers) has been positively fun!

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