Solitaire Chess keeps retirees sharp… and inspires friendly competition!

There’s nothing better than receiving notes and emails from happy customers – whether they come in the mail addressed in crayon or via Twitter, we love hearing directly from the people whose lives our games touch.  I had to share this lovely exchange with a couple in Montana who wrote to share their experience with Solitaire Chess!

January 20, 2012

I have never had so much fun in my life! When I figure out one of the Solitaire Chess games, I am happier than if I were to win the lottery. My husband does them and then I do, and there will be a snowball in you-know-where before I will let him show me how to do it! But, when I solve it, I am the happiest person in the world. We’re up to #32 – he did the first 15 or so and then gave me one to do and Bingo, there it was!

This is the best thing since sliced bread!

Ms. Shad B.

Shad's husband stays playful in his retirement with Solitaire Chess!


One month later… “Something Terrible to Report”

February 10, 2012

Dear Charlotte,

Snowy and cold today. Oh well. It’s Montana and we desperately need the snow. We’re up to Game 59 of 60 and have really enjoyed it.

I have something terrible to report. My husband was playing and he dropped a bishop. The little top knot broke off and we looked on hands and knees to find it so we could put it back on. I cannot imagine where it went. We looked and looked. Do you ever in your wildest dreams ever sell individual pieces?

Thank you for this game. It makes me think differently about playing regular chess, and that may have been a goal of the creator. We are going to get a set for our son, too.  We are still having fun with it.

Shad B.


I had a free replacement piece sent to Shad and her husband immediately, and she happily reported back that “the new Bishop was welcomed with open arms! We do love the game. I do hope you will know we do appreciate all you do.  Thank you.”

Hey guys, I'm HOME!

Stories like this make my day and re-inspire me to do the work I do.  Shad and her husband are proof positive that play is good for you at any age, and their playful competition pushed them both to think harder and stretch further!  With challenge #60 under their belts, it may be time to break out the real Chess board and let the battle of the brains continue!

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