Meet the Top Dogs at ThinkFun!

The humans here at ThinkFun are thrilled about the release of our newest dog-themed brainteaser Stenzzles, but no one is more excited than the furry stars themselves!  Also available in Tropical and Sports themes, Stenzzles is an innovative new puzzle that challenges players to replicate a colorful image by layering cards in the correct order and orientation.

When looking for the perfect models for the Dog Collection, we decided to go with local talent.  Five of the pups featured in this new game are members of the ThinkFun family, and I’m thrilled to introduce them here!

Louie the Dachshund examines his Stenzzles likeness…

Aren't my legs longer than this?!

 Buster the lovable mutt kicks back with a game of Turnstile

Ramsey the Labrador has been part of the ThinkFun family since his puppy days!  Here he is only weeks old…

Take your pup to work day!

Weighing in at 102 pounds, Cargo the American Bulldog has brains AND brawn!

Solitaire Chess gives me a headache!

Meet Akira the Akita – this is a dog with serious fashion sense!

Akira knows better than to chew on a designer ThinkFun shoe!

Ready for another fun fact?!  Stenzzles was invented by Ron Dubren… also the inventor of Tickle Me Elmo!  In this post you can see Ron with a prototype of the game at Toy Fair in February.

We love seeing photos of YOUR playful pups too! Please email your pictures to and we’ll add them to our online album!

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