Send your Campers a (Think)FUN Surprise!

For many of us, texts, email, and Face Time chats have become the primary way we connect.  For all you stationary hoarders out there (guilty!) nostalgic for the days of the letter, there is still one place where snail mail is king… Summer Camp!

While sending candy and snacks is usually a no-no (turning your child’s cabin into a critter-magnet is not the most welcome gift!), there are loads of fun things you can send to brighten their day!

I decided to channel my current Pinterest obsession into something productive and created a Summer Camp Care Packages board filled with ideas for thoughtful packages filled with fun!

Do you have a camper who would love a FUN surprise in the mail?!  Pick 3 ThinkFun games your camper would love and leave a comment on this post with your wishlist!  I’ll pick a random winner a midnight on Sunday (July 22) and send a ThinkFun care package to a camp or home address (US-only please)!


13 thoughts on “Send your Campers a (Think)FUN Surprise!

  1. Heather

    What a WONDERFUL idea! Here’s what my son would love:

    Stenzzles – Dogs Collection

    He is ThinkFun obsessed, though, and loves ALL of it, so I just picked 3 from his long list :).

  2. Shari Weitekamp

    Bug Trails sounds like it would be appropriate for camp. My son would also love Yackety Smack and Unhinged.

  3. melissa

    Oh the nail art for sure & the glow sticks…. Hhhmmm We have 6 kids & one on the way so any of these would be GREAT!!! The hand paints are cool too!

  4. YvonneJ

    Pathwords, Turnstile and Tilt would all be on my wishlist. We have a huge collection of ThinkFun games that we use at home and share with our library on Family Game Nights.

  5. Amy C

    Tilt, Turnstile and Math Dice would be 3 that my son would enjoy. I love that he is learning and having fun at the same time!

  6. Kim

    Tilt, Block by Block, and Solitare Chess look great! We own so many of these, and my four kiddos love them all. Unhinged might be under the tree this year — that looks cool.

  7. Jenny

    Rush Hour, Distraction, and Stenzzles (dogs). My daughter did all the challenges in Rush Hour Jr. within a week of getting the game. She’s ready for a step up! I was feeling a little bad that we’re not practicing the assigned math concepts over the summer, but this reminds me that most of them can be stealthily practiced through a game!

  8. martianne

    Heard about you on Toys Are Tools. What a fun post/giveaway you are having! Rush Hour is a favorite here, but we’ve yet to have our own game. Not so fast an soliaire chess would also be very cool. Thanks.

  9. Linda

    I wish i had these items in my care package when i was a kid!!! My daughter would love the night time reading lights, origami post its and Distraction. I heard about this giveaway on Toys are Tools. I love that site!

  10. Linda

    Silly me! I would love for my daughter to try out Cartoon It, Distraction, and Smart Mouth!

  11. Charlotte Post author

    Hi Kim,

    Congratulations! I randomly chose your entry as the winner in the ThinkFun Summer Care Pack giveaway!
    I’m so excited to share Tilt, Block by Block, and Solitaire Chess with you and your 4 game-loving kiddos!

    Please email me ( the mailing address where you’d like the box o’ fun shipped, and we’ll put these games in the mail!

    All the best,

  12. Kim

    Thank you, ThinkFun! My four children are thrilled for this, and so am I! We will have so much fun with these new games. Thanks again…., and thanks for making great games that don’t require batteries!

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