Roll & Recover!

When a member of the ThinkFun family went in for a recent surgery, our design team put their creative brains to work.  While chicken soup and flowers make perfectly lovely get-well gifts, we got a bit carried away and created an entirely new game to aid in his recovery!

Following on the heels of our tremendously successful Roll & Play, Your Child’s First Game…. Meet Roll & Recover, Your First Get-Well Game!

While Roll & Play uses color-coded cards for different themed activities (i.e. orange = numbers, blue = colors…), Roll & Recover follows in the same tradition.

Roll & Recover cards face-down

Roll Orange, and you may pick up a card suggesting you “Take TWO asprin!”  A Blue card may direct you to “Have one RED apple a day!”

Roll & Recover challenges

While we’ve yet to have a doctor confirm the healing power of our new Roll & Recover, initial tests show that if laughter is indeed the best medicine, this game will certainly cure what ails you!

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