Create your Own Family Zingo!

I love hearing from creative fans who take a game and make it their own!  The photo below comes from the Subity family, who, after hours of fun playing Zingo!, decided to personalize the game and create a family version called… SUBINGO!  Here Caleb’s dad Sam describes their creation…


I’m attaching a picture of my son, Caleb, with the “Subingo!” game, which is our twist on Zingo.  After we’d played Zingo for hours, I realized that we could use the same format to teach our kids new words and concepts.  So we came up with Subingo to help them learn the names of everyone in our large family.  

Caleb shows off his "Subingo" board!

 I just put a family member’s photo in each square and then printed and laminated the playing cards, then we printed sheets of everyone’s photos to use as the tiles.  Since we can’t use the launcher with the paper tiles, we just put all the tiles in a pile upside down and then do a speed version where we all start flipping over tiles and try to fill up our cards first!


Have you ever customized a favorite game?  I’d love to hear about it!

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