‘Knot’ Your Typical Celebrity Sighting!

Last week, the 32nd International Puzzle Party (IPP) was held in Washington, DC!  Never heard of IPP?  Neither had I until joining ThinkFun and getting the inside scoop on this exclusive community of puzzlers and their annual gathering.

IPP is an invitation-only event for serious puzzle collectors only.  Founded in 1978, it provides a venue for the exchange/sale of puzzles, books and related items, as well as for fun and fellowship.  In short: puzzling fun for puzzling enthusiasts!

Frans de Vreugd is an IPP Member and the inventor of Gordian's Knot!

Why is the IPP community so near and dear to our hearts here at ThinkFun? Our co-founder AND Head of Inventor Relations are both members of IPP, along with several of our wonderful puzzle inventors!

After IPP events concluded this weekend, Bill and Tanya welcomed many attendees to tour ThinkFun headquarters and see where the magic happens – here in the office I had a major Celebrity Spotting moment when I met Frans de Vreugd, the inventor of our Gordian’s Knot brainteaser puzzle visiting from Holland!

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