Keeping UnHinged from coming unhinged!

Love a good brainteaser?  UnHinged is one you’ll have trouble putting down… literally.  When we first showed this new puzzle back at Toy Fair in February, I found myself chasing several reporters through the aisles when then puzzle grew legs and walked off with them!

There’s something about the rhythmic flip, fold, stack tactile feel of this game that just feels great in the hand.

A mechanical puzzle like UnHinged is all about ease of manipulation, and ThinkFun spends a lot of time making sure we get everything right, from weight, hinge placement, materials, and tolerances.  We conduct extensive quality control testing, and I thought it’d be fun to share some photos of this puzzle being put through the ringer!


 Haven’t experienced UnHinged yet? Here’s a great how-to-play video to see it in action!

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