Brain games for our troops

I am so pleased to share another wonderful story from Tracy, a former classroom teacher and homeschooling mom of 4 who shared this holiday donation story last year.  Tracy invited ThinkFun to share games for deployed troops via the Any Soldier project, and she recently wrote to share her story:

As a teacher and mother of four, I believe it is important to have children realize that they are capable of impacting the world, even if it is by one person at a time. This year we are taking on care packages to overseas US soldiers as our service project.

We are using the website to find those soldiers in need. This site allows a soldier to sign up to support their fellow soldiers who they see are not receiving mail from the states. When you ship off the care packages to the soldier who signed up, they will pass it on to his fellow soldier in need of mail or boost in morale.

The Emond family fills care packages with love

Our project started with sending two packages a week. Soon, we had friends and family involved in helping with donations to fill packages. That grew into organizations helping, such as: Girl Scouts, Awana, and even the NFL and Major League Baseball teams.

Soldiers request things to do in the evening to keep themselves entertained. So, we turned to our friends at ThinkFun and asked them to help. ThinkFun didn’t hesitate. They quickly responded by sending us some compact and challenging brainteasers for the Soldier’s care packages.

The games were the perfect size for Soldiers to use, share, store in their drawstring bags, and compact enough to fit easily into a foot locker.

These games are currently being packed into boxes that are heading to Soldiers stationed in Afghanistan along with other goodies. I know they are going to love their packages and enjoy their new Thinkfun games, as much as we enjoy them, too!

Thank you so much,

Tracy E.

Charleston, SC

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